Sunday, May 4, 2008

Turn your motor off

Everyone knows what it's like to wait by the curb for a friend... oh, just a few minutes right? There's no need to turn off my engine. What about leaving the car in front of the store to grab a gallon of milk? Stuck in a mile-long traffic jam?

There are many times when we leave our cars idling. This practice damages the environment, our vehicles, and our wallets. According to the Consumer Energy Center, every time we idle for two minutes, we use the amount of gas it takes to go one mile. With gas prices so high and the average person idling for 5 to 10 minutes a day, we could be using a gallon of gas a week- to go nowhere!

What's more, idling can cause fuel residues to build up and damage the engine components of your car.

According to the EPA, idling releases more than 6 grams of nitrous oxides and carbon dioxide per minute. If you think about the amount of time individual drivers idle per day, multiply that throughout their lifetime, and multiply that figure by the number of drivers in the world, you will realize that there is a staggering amount of air pollution that could easily be reduced.

Next time you're waiting in a car, just take less than 5 seconds to turn off your engine. Your car, your bank account, and the air quality will thank you.

The above image is from Carbon Offset Solutions.