Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hello everyone! I'm Molly, a junior in high school, and I'm really excited to start my first blog! The point of A Minute to Save the Planet is for everyone to learn simple changes in their everyday lifestyle that they can make that will in the long run greatly benefit our environment. I promise, these changes will be easy to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle, and they will save you money and maybe even whittle your waistline!

Really, there is no downside to becoming more environmentally-friendly. Why aren't more people changing then, you ask? I believe it is because the public is not aware of many of the little effortless things they can do. That, of course, brings me back to the point of this blog!

Please, check back often, comment on your thoughts, and take these ideas to heart, and I will update as often as possible. See you at my next post!

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