Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Find a Better Search Engine

Did you know that there are search engines that you can use that donate to your favorite charities? Every time you use that site, you are increasing the money going to the organization, mainly generated from the ads on the page. These search engines are mostly convenient to use and donate to pretty good causes. Here are some that I have found.

1. SearchKindly- this search engine has raised over $13,000. Different charities are featured each week, and you get to vote on who gets the money. This week features an environmental group called Climate Cycle, that works to raise awareness in communities.

2. Everyclick- the UK based site has a pretty snazzy and clean page. They provide over 200,000 charities with fundraising options. You can register as a supporter of a particular organization, or the revenue will just go into a general pot.

3. GoodSearch- you chose a charity, and every search you make on this search engine increases contributions to the charity. A LOT of non profits participate in this, so you will be sure to find one to support.

4. MagicTaxi- cute name. Gives 50% of revenue to a selected charity of the week. Pretty cool in that in has a tab to search Wikipedia.

5. GoodTree- kind of looks like the Google homepage, only personalized. It has different features such as bookmarks and news.

And this last one, not as much charity related, but one of my favorites

6. Blackle- basically a Google with a black page. This saves energy - "864,680.675 Watt hours saved."

It is a hard habit to break, just opening up Internet Explorer or Firefox and mindlessly typing in Google. You might want to set one of the above as a homepage so you don't forget. A few clicks can make a difference. The image is from Core77.


allthezs said...

Yes, but Blackle will only make your monitor use less energy if you use one of the old-fashioned CRT monitors, and only then if you use a large screen will it make a significant difference (i.e. not the size of screen most of us used to have at home).

LCD montitors always light the screen from behind, so it does not matter what colour that screen is.

There have been loads of experiments to prove this, here's one does a darkened Google really save you money

Click 4 Carbon said...

Hi Molly,

Have a look at

Click4Carbon is an environmentally conscious search engine and online community which uses profits from ALL advertising revenue to fund forestation projects.

We would love you to make our site your preferred portal to the internet. If you sign up to our community you can then take part in discussion groups, write blogs and upload videos, photos etc.

Have a look, try writing a blog post and let us know what you think.

Molly said...

Thanks for the info, allthezs. I wonder how they claim to save all those watts then?

Molly said...

Nice site, click 4 carbon. I will definitely look into it some more.

Anonymous said...

You dont have to register to use Everyclick, only if you want 50% of the search revenue you generate to go to a specific cause. Otherwise the money will go in to the pot for all charities. You can also donate online, shop to benefit charities and set up sponsorhsip pages. I've heard they are going to do Christmas gifts for charities too.

Molly said...

Thanks for the correction, anonymous!