Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Trees: Fake or Real?

Yes, the holiday season is arriving, and pretty soon people that celebrate Christmas are going to go out and get their trees, whether they be chopped from the ground or in a store. Time Magazine's latest issue has an article about which type of tree is better for the environment, and here is a summary.

Artificial Trees:

1. Cause lower carbon emissions compared to buying a real tree 10 years in a row (because of gasoline used to get a cut tree home).
2. However, these emissions basically cancel out because most artificial trees are shipped in from China.
3. Not biodegradable.
4. Older models may have high levels of lead.

Cut Trees:

1. When a tree is cut down, farms will plant another one in its place, making the process carbon neutral.
2. If the tree is thrown away, there isn't really much of a benefit.
3. Can be recycled in many areas that have programs.
4. Can be replanted if the root-ball is left intact.

I guess it all depends on how long you plan on keeping your tree and what you plan to do with it when you get rid of it. So, what kind of tree do you use? Any special family traditions or favorite ornaments? It was pretty funny because when I volunteered at this local senior assisted living center this past Friday they were putting up decorations, and they had this huge artificial tree. The activities director kept telling me to "fluff" up the tree branches. I've actually never heard of this expression before.

This image is from eHow.


seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter) said...

What a GREAT SITE! I am forwarding your blog to a few of my friends who I know who love it! This is such useful information and very easy to relate to as you update it according to the holiday season and such!

I am from Philadelphia, PA! (answer to where are you from on the post below)

my family and i bought a balsam tree this year!

Molly said...

Thanks Lee! I've been to Philadelphia before, and it is such a great city!

justine said...

real x-mas tree! nothing beats it.

p.s. you have a great site!

Molly said...

Thanks so much Justine!