Saturday, September 13, 2008

Create a Compost Pile

Maybe I'm just a little strange, but sometimes I feel bad just throwing out fresh vegetable and fruit scraps into the garbage. I mean, that stuff is natural and decomposable! However, there is no way those bits will break down in a landfill, where it will be pressed down without oxygen and bacteria.

I could get a pig and feed it all my peelings and scraps...but I think I could run into some problems. An easier way to "recycle" your veggie bits and ends is to create a compost pile! If you have a garden, then the compost later can be used as organic fertilizer for your plants. I'm no authority on the ins and outs of composting, so I have compiled a list of sites I have found really helpful below.

How to Compost- this is a extremely comprehensive website for beginners and experts alike. There are lots of general tips, and also some specialized information. For those that love science, the site includes a section about the the scientific details, such as carbon-to-nitrogen ratios.

Tree Hugger
has a fairly basic but straightforward guide to composting.

An interesting site, Journey to Forever, that has articles on composting, as well as "humanure?" I'd say no to the latter part.

If you live an apartment, or have no backyard, visit Mahalo, for a guide on how to compost indoors (without the smell)!

More indoor composting at Tiny Choices.

As you can see, there are various ways to compost, suitable for every lifestyle. Don't limit yourself! This image is from Denver Recycles. It looks so earthy, doesn't it? I wish my soil looked like that.


Anonymous said...

have I ever told you how awesome I think this blog is?!

I live in an apt and I would begin an indoor compost...but I'm afraid the cats would get into it. My parents began one at their house back home though (outdoor), and they mentioned that their amount of garbage has decreased by more than half! I think it's wonderful!

I seriously almost cry when I see how much cardboard gets thrown out at my rink and at my job...not to mention that my apartment doesn't even have recycling!! (I take mine to a friend's house!)

Ugh. Such small changes could make such a huge difference. KEEP UP THE AMAZING BLOG! I love reading!

Molly said...

Hey, thanks so much for commenting! It really makes my day to know that someone is actually reading my posts!

just me said...

Wow, your blog is freak'n amazing! i'm so excited you found mine too! you give some of the greatest tips that i've been trying to give to my friends/family forever!

i've only read a few entries but i love the compost one and am def going ot look into indoor composting (my dad does it outside at home, but all i have right now is a balcony). and kudos for the bird one (i'm obsessed w/ birds). it makes me sad when i hear of them getting hurt/killed all the time. :(

but keep up the great blog! onto my blogroll you gooooooo!!!

Molly said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the bird one!