Sunday, September 7, 2008

Save the Birds

Do you ever have birds crashing into your sliding glass doors or windows? If not, this post may be irrelevant to you, but if you do, keep reading for a fun way to help the birds and recycle at the same time!

According to the Audubon Society, millions of birds each year die from flying into glass surfaces. Some may only see the reflection of trees and grass, while others may not see the glass at all.

From the Journal of Field Ornithology in 1990, Daniel Klem estimated that glass kills 5% of the total number of birds living in the United States, more than pollution, poisons, and cars.

So, what can you do? Of course, you could rebuild your windows and make them smaller, but nobody would be willing to undertake that project, both for aesthetic reasons and cost. Fortunately, there are easier methods. Simply taking a piece of black construction paper, cutting it into the shape of a falcon, and hanging it somewhere on your glass/door should do the trick. Birds recognize the ominous shadow of the predator.

Another creative strategy comes from, the Scare Owl. This fun design of an owl's face recycles two old compact disks, used as the owl's eyes. The sunlight that reflects off the disks will warn birds of the glass surface. Click on the above link for more detailed instructions.

And if you've watched any funny home videos, you will know that this tip may save more than just birds from bumping to sliding glass doors...

This image is from Birding in British Columbia.

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